the mojo riser

March 14, 2011

I never really listened to oldies rock passed the Beatles, the Who & Led Zeppelin but that all changed when I sat down and watched The Doors. My fascination for 70s rock has shifted, the Doors have now become my favorite band.  Enthralled by the life of Jim Morrison I bought books of his poems, books on the band and listened to his music for what felt like all of my freshman and sophmore year. I wanted to be the lizard king.

His alienation from his family, his conjointment with indians, his zest for life, his care free attitude, his go-to-hell temperament with the law put him in the spotlight in my life.

Since The Doors (the movie) I have not seen any other film on the band until I was browsing Netflix and came upon ‘When You’re Strange’ a film by Tom DiCillo narrated by Johnny Depp. Made with original footage from 1966-71, this documentary reveals the life of Jim Morrison and his band mates; their rise to stardom, their struggles & permeates truth from myth. Highly recommended for anyone who loves the Doors, music and documentaries. This is it.

This iconic group will live forever, whether it’s through our thoughts, our hearts or our speakers. I wish I had been around to have seen the Doors perform & would love to meet someone who has.